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How did you know your wife is satisfied in bed?

Most of us have wondered at times if there’s a reliable way to know if we’re really as good in bed as we hope we are and if the person we’re having sex with is enjoying it.

To help you figure it out, here are 10 signs a weman is satisfied sexually and enjoys sleeping with you.

1. She initiates sex.

Generally speaking, a dead bedroom or a one-sided bedroom is a sign that he’s not being fulfilled. If anything, it suggests that you should probably be looking into a breakup.

If he’s initiating sex on a regular basis, he’s still enjoying sleeping with you.

2. She’s pretty upbeat.

Assuming that the two of you are having sex regularly, a guy who seems happy overall is a good sign.

Men who aren’t satisfied tend to be moody, huffy, or distant with their partner. They may also seem depressed overall.

3. Sex isn’t a big issue in your relationship.

A wise person once pointed out that sex is the only issue that’s never a big deal when it’s satisfactory, but can be a major problem when it’s not.

If it doesn’t seem like either of you have a problem with the other, he’s happy with what he’s getting from you in the bedroom.

4. She cuddles with you often.

Sex isn’t just about P-in-V; it’s about the entire experience. Most guys won’t be fulfilled without some soft caresses and kisses in the mix.

Cuddles and other forms of affection are what make sex with a guy’s romantic partner different from the sex he would have with his fleshlight.

5. She tells you he’s satisfied.

If a guy says he’s happy, he usually is. Guys are pretty honest about things like that.

If you have any questions about how he feels, ask him. More often than not, he’ll tell you straight up if there’s a problem.

7. She’s generally affectionate with you.

A person who isn’t getting sexually satisfied will rarely ever go out of their way to be affectionate with their partner.

If he’s always smooching on you, it’s a sign he loves you (and loves having sex with you).

8. She isn’t straying.

Don’t get me wrong: even satisfied men can stray. But if a guy stays loyal to you, it’s often a sign that he’s also happy with the way things are in bed.

9. You actually make a point of listening to what She wants in bed, keeping an open mind, and being accommodating to him.

A guy who has a partner who Is willing to meet him halfway will usually be thankful for it. It’s actually pretty rare to find that kind of connection, which is why so many men are pretty happy to be with someone who does offer them that.

10. She brags about your sex life.

If he’s really happy with your bedroom routine, you might overhear him bragging to his friends about what a great sex life he has.

He’s not disrespecting you, he’s letting people know how much he loves that you rock his world.

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