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Day or Night which is the best time for sex?

So, the best time to have sex is when you’re feeling good and you and your partner (or partners) consent. Let’s get that straight. But apparently, other factors contribute to optimal timing as well, and a supplement company called FARZA recently tried to solve the age-old mystery of exactly what the best time of day for sex is with a survey. Though they only surveyed 1000 people, which is a fairly small sample size and thus their findings should be taken with a grain of salt, what they learned was actually pretty surprising.

Apparently, respondents reported that sex was best first thing in the morning “because our energy levels are highest and it sets off endorphins in the body which makes us feel good throughout the day.” While the survey notes optimal time for sex as 7:30 am, if you don’t wake up that early due to your schedule, you can still get the benefits of morning sex by engaging in intercourse within 45 minutes after waking, according to findings by the researchers. This is because, as they’ve noted, energy levels are highest after rest, which contributes to increased stamina.

According to the study, morning sex also has the increased benefit of lowering blood pressure and stress levels, which can lead to a happier and more productive day. Though you may typically think of sex as a night-time activity, it may be time to switch up your routine.

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